Why choose Hummingbird™ online courseware?

  • Battle-Tested

    Our courseware content has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners to scale and grow whether they are starting a new business or wanting to grow existing operations. Pre, during & post-COVID, we've been there.

  • Individual Outcomes

    Our process delivers an unrivalled learning experience that is personalized for the business owner. The outcome is a tailored foundation that develops your capabilities, targets your goals and grow your business.

  • Future-Proof

    Upon completion of the Foundation course, the business foundation can be leveraged immediately to guide stronger business decision-making across sales, marketing, HR, operations and R&D now and as business grows.

Who's it for?

Entrepreneurs of all shapes & sizes

The Startup.

For those who are wanting to start a new business, Hummingbird™ delivers a strong platform to launch your ideas.

The Established Business.

Already running a business and looking for growth?

Our courseware guides you through a step-by-step process to develop a personalized platform that moves you to the next stage of growth. Whether your goal is to grow sales, loyalty or market presence; Hummingbird™ helps you get there.

Course Requirements

Functional English | Smart Phone or Computer | Internet

Our courseware has been designed with approachability and accessibility in mind. Our content, activities and visual aids use natural language and everyday examples to make learning quick and easy. 

People from all walks of life have transitioned into the world of business ownership confidently without any business background, experience or prior knowledge.

Program Overview

The business landscape continues to change today faster than ever before as business ideas move from ideation to market in a matter of hours. In a hyperconnected environment, today's business challenge lies in creating content that cuts through the noise rather than contributing to it. To achieve business growth, requires a new approach to the foundations of business.

The combination of knowledge and activities within  Foundational course 1 has only been typically accessible to larger multi-national companies with deep pockets. Hummingbird™ has designed this value-packed course for entrepreneurs in the small to medium business segment. 

The (5) modules in course 1 is a self-paced format that takes approximately 15 hours to complete. This gives business owners the flexibility to  complete the course in a week or a month and helps to build stronger, more scalable and sustainable business practices. 

Graduates can expect to make better business decisions whether they be sales, marketing, HR, operations and/or R&D. Enhance your perspective on business, keep pace and stay ahead of competition by defining your position within the market, asserting your point of difference and attract trusted talent to join you.

How We're Different

Introducing DQT

Unlike TAFE or other courses where information is typically 'pushed' to audiences; you contribute to the end result as our courseware activities employ deep questioning techniques (DQT) that recognizes you as an individual and goes on to build a unique business foundation that accelerates scalable and sustainable growth.

Flexible Fee Options

  • One-Time Payment

    Receive all (5) modules upfront and work through them in your own time.

  • Split Payments

    Improve cash flow by splitting your payments over a number of months.

Hummingbird™ Grad Opens for New York Fashion Week

Watch Andi's video on how she took her lessons from our Foundational course and applied it to her business to build stronger brand awareness and engagement with her fashion business.

Real World Hummingbird™ Outcomes

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Bite-Sized & Mobile Optimized

Chip away here, there, in bed, on the couch or on the move.

Progress comes quickly without taking time out from your business or family. There's simply no extra time needed as you enjoy the courseware on the couch, some bedtime reading, waiting in the car or while the kids play. 

Made for the time-poor
Grab your phone or mobile device anywhere and chip away at the direct and easy-to-follow content and activities. You can commit as little as 15-minutes and still make steady progress. Whether you put it away for a day or week, it doesn't matter. Our content has been formulated into bite-sized chunks that move with your life and maintains a comfortable learning flow.

Hummingbird™ Overview

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Hummingbird™ Film

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Graduate Testimonials

"A great way to see the brand come to life with words, and now we can see it through actions."

Frankie Cox

The most I got out of Hummingbird™ was how language was perceived by different people and to make sure the language was inclusive and approachable. It was a great way to see the brand come to life with words, and now we can see it through actions.

"Providing women in business with an opportunity to expand."

Kheng Tu

It is vital that you find a course that can understand you and your business; with the wealth of knowledge and experience here, you get access to next tier advice generally provided to corporates to grow. I now have a clear pathway, tweaking the necessary aspects to keep it on track towards a sustainable and scalable business. It will leave your business in a better condition then when it arrived.

"Excited about the future"

Dr. Nicole Rous

The framework has given me that extra bit of confidence to know that I am heading in the right direction, to not second guess myself and to just be excited about the future.

"Simple on paper, dramatic in new insights to create an independent business."

Lachlan Sinclair

The flow was great! The cornerstone of the approach and always looking for the right wording to stress-test the idea and create a really defendable market position. Such a great and unique approach that I found so much value in.


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